(ZMG), an innovative new technology platform catering to shooting enthusiasts, competitive shooters, firearms professionals, and outdoor gear owners, proudly announces its partnership with Coriolis through the “Agency of Record” program. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for as it aims to strengthen its brand identity, enhance product development, and launch it’s digital presence in the outdoor industry.

As part of the partnership, Coriolis will provide comprehensive support to ZMG in various areas, including brand strategy, product development, digital marketing, and relationship management with partners and influencers. Leveraging Coriolis’ expertise and proven track record in digital marketing and brand management, ZMG aims to reinforce its position as a trusted eco-system for users and partners.

“Joining forces with Coriolis through the ‘Agency of Record’ program is a strategic move for,” said R. Corpora, CEO of ZMG. “We’re very excited to work closely with Coriolis to amplify our brand presence, drive innovation in product development, and enhance our digital marketing initiatives. This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our customers and partners.”

Coriolis brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the table, specializing in crafting compelling brand narratives, executing data-driven digital marketing campaigns, and fostering meaningful partnerships within the outdoor industry. By tapping into Coriolis’ expertise, ZMG aims to unlock new opportunities for growth and establish its position in the firearms community.

“We’re thrilled to welcome to our ‘Agency of Record’ program,” said Paul Angell, CEO of Coriolis. “Our team is dedicated to helping ZMG achieve their business objectives through strategic brand development, innovative digital marketing solutions, and effective relationship management. We’re going to deliver exceptional value for ZMG, their customers, and their partners.”

About (ZMG) is an innovative new technology platform for shooting enthusiasts, competitive shooters, firearms professionals, and all outdoor gear owners. Members use the ZeroMyGear app to track, manage, maintain, show off, and sell their gear. Subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when registration opens for the free beta program this summer.

About Coriolis

Coriolis is a full-service firearms marketing agency specializing in brand strategy, digital marketing, and relationship management within the outdoor industry. With a passion for innovation and creativity, Coriolis helps brands unlock their full potential and achieve meaningful growth through strategic marketing initiatives and impactful partnerships.

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